West Texas XReflector

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Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
N5RV listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time EST
W5LND W5LND XRF989 B KE5FYL 170225-13:11:29
VK4TUX VK4TUX XRF989 B VK4TUX C 170225-07:15:53
VE3US VE3US XRF989 C W5AW B 170224-23:03:18
W5WE W5WE XRF989 C W5AW B 170224-16:08:55
W5DTB W5DTB XRF989 C W5AW B 170224-08:38:03
KN3RD KN3RD XRF989 C KN3RD 170223-21:29:17
KC4CMX KC4CMX XRF989 C W5AW C 170221-20:44:48
KG5CCT KG5CCT XRF989 C W5AW C 170221-20:38:00
WB5NOQ WB5NOQ XRF989 C WB5NOQ 170221-20:32:51
KA5ULE KA5ULE XRF989 C KA5ULE 170221-20:31:42
N5BCM N5BCM XRF989 C W5AW C 170221-20:26:05
KF5AEO KF5AEO XRF989 C W5AW C 170221-20:17:30
KC5ALH KC5ALH XRF989 C W5AW B 170219-10:24:17
N5RV N5RV XRF989 B N5RV 170219-09:41:41
WA5VYK WA5VYK XRF989 C K5PSA B 170218-11:50:05
KD4LXC KD4LXC XRF989 C W5AW B 170216-18:54:03
KF5WDJ KF5WDJ XRF989 C KF5WDJ 170215-17:22:50
N5HYJ N5HYJ XRF989 C N5HYJ 170215-10:48:25
N5INC N5INC XRF989 C W5AW C 170214-20:06:35
W5BK W5BK XRF989 C W5AW C 170214-19:56:55
JH1BLT JH1BLT XRF989 B W5AW A 170211-21:38:09
JH1AAQ JH1AAQ XRF989 B W5AW A 170210-08:32:56
LA3RIA LA3RIA XRF989 A LA3RIA 170209-13:53:09
NZ6D H NZ6D H XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-21:53:38
N7BCP N7BCP XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-20:47:56
N5WD N5WD XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-20:18:33
AG6WK AG6WK XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-19:19:47
W6CJX W6CJX XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-17:37:34
KK6SUU KK6SUU XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-17:28:47
VE6RPP VE6RPP XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-15:44:50
N5LMB N5LMB XRF989 B W5AW A 170207-13:03:33
KF5NXR KF5NXR XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-11:55:07
TG9AOR TG9AOR XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-10:31:45
BX2AEA BX2AEA XRF989 C XRF041 A 170207-06:54:00
N5OGD N5OGD XRF989 C KG5MMT B 170205-11:55:51
KB5WB KB5WB XRF989 C KG5MMT B 170201-23:34:11
W5LND T W5LND T XRF989 C W5AW B 170201-20:47:15
KG5KUQ KG5KUQ XRF989 C KG5KUQ 170130-22:36:34
KF5SPQ KF5SPQ XRF989 C KG5MMT B 170130-16:02:01

Status as of Sat Feb 25 13:20:04 2017 EST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 42 days, 20 hours and 50 minutes